Pretty Little Liars

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3/20/14 - Ashley Benson + Shay Mitchell at LAX Airport.

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I'm very go-with-the-flow. I like that in a guy too, someone relaxed and unafraid to be themselves.

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Emily and Aria 4x17

Emaria is judging you.

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"I saw a teacher interviewing today woth the principal.  He was quite sexy.  High school boys are gross, college guys are only looking for one thing, but older men, now they know what they want and take it all.  He looks kind of bookish but in a cute way.  I will get to know him eventually and to have a teacher on my side…"
If this is about Ezra - does that confirm that they did know each other before she disappeared?  And why he was at her funeral without really knowing her?


Ok liars, I saw someone blog a theory about A being a pig because of all the pig references in PLL.

  1. Hanna’s cupcakes. image
  2. Pig found in the car. image
  3. Aria’s mascot. image

The pig theory made me laugh, but SERIOUSLY SPEAKING… I have a feeling that Paige could have something to do with A….

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